In-house gear & Analog equipment:

In addition to a beautiful Studer A-810 tape machine (for 1/4" tapes that run at 7.5, 15 or 30-ips), my studio has an assortment of vintage analog hardware and the best available digital plugin suites for mixing and mastering (Waves for sure, Abbey Road, Bias-Peak Pro Mastering Tools, and tons more, but I especially love my UAD tools, etc), constantly being updated. New gear is coming in all the time.

But, if you insist on knowing exactly what I have or what I use, it might be best if you go elsewhere for your mastering needs. I'm not interested in being hired because someone thinks I have the best gear. I only want to work for people who believe I have the best ears for the job. Gear is important, but it's not the most important thing. If your focus is on the equipment I use, then I strongly advise you to go to masterdisk or another million dollar room, where you might indeed find yourself happy with the final results.

Or, you might not. The risk is yours for the taking.

They may have the best gear on the planet, but do they have the artistic sensibility to know how best to use it? Maybe.

Or maybe not.

So please...Don't even ask me about what specific gear I have here. I won't tell you. I won't even enter into a dialog about it.

And don't ask how I do what I do. I'm taking my secrets to the grave.

Do you have a project that requires sound restoration?

I've re-mastered old 1/4"; tapes, cassettes, and even 50-year old lacquer files that sounded utterly worthless, and I've turned them into hi-quality masters that are ready-for-release.

Skeptical? Good!